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Latest Humble Weekly Bundle gets you the $300 app design suite GameMaker: Studio Android for $12

Aspiring game designers rejoice! The Humble Bundle team is offering GameMaker: Studio Android, a software suite normally valued between $300 and $400, for the astounding price of $12.
September 18, 2015
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Aspiring game designers rejoice! The Humble Bundle team is offering GameMaker: Studio Android, a software suite normally valued between $300 and $400, for the astounding price of $12.

This is not your grandfather’s game design suite either. GameMaker Android was used to create the hit games Hotline Miami and Risk of Rain. It’s a powerful set of game design tools that aims to help creative-minded people who don’t have programming expertise make the games currently burning away in their imagination.

To sweeten the deal, this Humble Weekly Bundle also comes with nearly a dozen games that are packaged with their source code. This is an invaluable resource for someone looking to learn how games are made, because they will be able to dissect these already-completed games to see what makes them tick. If you’ve ever been interested in making your own Android games but never really had the funds to jump in, you have until Thursday, September 24, 2015 to act!

That’s right. Like all Humble Bundle deals, this is a limited time offer.

You should be aware, however, that just because GameMaker: Studio Android doesn’t require you to be fluent in a programming language, that doesn’t mean the learning curve for creating a game with it isn’t steep. Some previous programming experience is recommended, even if you just tinkered around with your TI-83’s basic programming abilities.

For the bold and the daring who have game-making fire in their hearts but no previous programming experience, it’s still possible to see forward motion with GameMaker. There are copious tutorials and help documents available online for GameMaker, so this might be a good opportunity for you to cut your teeth on game design.

This may be an interesting development for the Google Play Store. It’s possible that this sale may open the doors for a slew of hungry game designers eager to unleash their brilliant ideas on the public… or we might see a flood of crudely designed My First Games. Either way, the Google Play Store’s $25 fee to create a developer account should keep the least serious designers at bay.

So whether you’re interested in creating a 2D, top-down RPG or a stylishly rendered, 3D action adventure, the financial bar for beginning production on your own Android game is now set much lower. At $12 for the GameMaker kit and $25 for the developer account, you could feasibly develop and release a professional-quality game with an initial investment of only $37 dollars.

With a cost of entry that low, what’s holding you back? What the mobile gaming world has been missing is your blockbuster idea, so get out there and turn it into reality! The “I can’t afford the startup cost” excuse just got a whole lot flimsier.