oneplus one aa hands on (31 of 33)Now that the OnePlus One has been revealed in all its glory, the next question people are asking is, “when can I get one?” OnePlus’ original production plan penciled the international availability of the OnePlus One for Q2 2014. Now Q2 is a three month period and could mean April, May or June. April is all but over so the question is when in Q2 will the OnePlus One be available in large numbers. According to an official post on the OnePlus One forums, the company is looking to make the device widely available in late June (which just about qualifies as Q2 2014).

The leap from 16GB to 64GB for just $50 is very tempting.

It seems that although OnePlus hoped the One would be in demand, it didn’t anticipate just quite how popular the device was going to be. As a result the company has been “frantically adjusting” its production schedule to ensure it can get the device into the hands of its potential customers. It also seems that the 64GB Sandstone Black version of the One is going to be more popular than the 16GB Silk White version.

As a result OnePlus has dramatically increased the production of the 64GB Sandstone Black model and is only making the 16GB Silk White model as long as it doesn’t delay the time to market for the 64GB version.

The pricing of the 64GB Sandstone Black model is a crucial factor behind the forecasted demand. At just $349/€299/£269 the OnePlus One is much cheaper than the 32GB version of the Nexus 5 and comes with double the internal storage. The 16GB Silk White model is also very well priced at $299/€269/£229, but that leap from 16GB to 64GB for just $50/€30/£40 is very tempting and is increasing the demand for that model.

OnePlus’ current schedule is now as follows:

  • Ready now – 100 for phone smashers
  • Mid to late May – Larger batch 16GB Silk White for the first batch of invites
  • Early June – Larger batch 64GB Sandstone Black
  • Later in June – Increased general availability, people who want it should be able to get an invite without much trouble in June


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