lastpass password manager

If you’re anything like me, heck, if you use the Internet at all, you have a password problem. Actually, two problems. First, you have to come up with unique, strong passwords for every service that you use, from Facebook to your online banking account. They can’t (shouldn’t!) be the same, because if one of them is compromised, all your accounts are at risk. The second problem is managing all those credentials – remembering dozens of user-password pairs can be difficult, if not impossible.

Password managers like LastPass are as close as we get to a solution to these problems, at least until Google rolls out an authentication ring, or maybe a smart pill or tattoo.

LastPass gives you a digital vault where you store all your passwords. The service automatically fills in credentials for sites you saved, and all you need to remember is the password to the vault, giving you a secure and convenient way to manage your identities across the net.

Now LastPass extends its password-filling functionality to Android apps and sites opened in Chrome for Android.

Starting with update 3.2, LastPass will detect apps that show user and password fields and prompt you to fill them in automatically.

lastpass screenshots (1)

If, for some reason, LastPass doesn’t identify the credentials for the app you are using, you are given the option to search through your vault. Once you made a pairing between the credentials you stored online and the app, you can save it, so next time all you have to do to log in is enter your LastPass password and tap once.

lastpass screenshots (2)

The system worked well on Duolingo, Pulse, and a couple of other apps that we tried, though users report problems and bugs with other apps. The LastPass team has already pushed a new update (3.2.1) to fix some of the issues, including a problem caused by interference with Google Now.

Even better, there’s also password filling when visiting sites with Chrome on Android (for Android 4.3 and higher), which is very similar to the functionality of the PC Chrome extension.

In addition to these two great new features, LastPass 3.2 update brings bug fixes and the ability to enter PINs of up to 12 figures.

The LastPass Password Manager app is part of LastPass Premium, a service that costs $12/year and throws in some advanced features for PC users. You get a two-week free trial, but we reckon $1/month is a very attractive proposition for the convenience that LastPass offers.