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Google's Larry Page talks about focus on cheap tablets, just about confirms the Nexus Tablet

April 13, 2012

Even though we’ve been hearing for many months all sorts of rumors and speculations about a so-called Google Nexus Tablet,  manufactured in cooperation with Asus and ready to hit the market this summer, the gadget hasn’t been officially confirmed by anybody involved in its making.

However, the tablet’s unveiling might be closer than anyone had thought, with Larry Page’s most recent statements just about confirming it. Page, one of Google’s two co-founders, made a public statement concerning the search giant’s latest quarterly earnings report and, aside from commenting on some pretty unsurprising figures, he talked a bit about “the lower end of the tablet market”.

According to Page, “there’s been a lot of success on some lower-priced tablets that run Android” and “we believe that there’s going to be a lot of success on the lower end of the market. It’s definitely an area we think is important, and we’re quite focused on it.”

Okay, he didn’t actually reveal any kind of specific plans that Google might have right now, but that “focus” on the lower end of the market could only mean one of two things, as far as I’m concerned. Either Page’s company is actually working on the Nexus Tablet, as all rumors and speculations point towards, or Google has some different plan to force its Android partners to cut costs and drop prices.

Of course, the first possibility is the more likely of the two, but unfortunately we don’t have anything new to report on that front. Things stand as they did a week ago, when we last reported that the Google-Asus co-branded tablet is likely to hit the market in July at a price of $250 or less.

Getting back for a second or two at Google’s latest quarterly earnings report, let’s quickly take a look at the most important numbers. With $10.64 billion earned in January, February and March, Larry Page’s and Sergey Brin’s company has gone up 24% from the same time last year, while also gaining one percent since the last quarter of 2011.

46% of Google’s total income comes from the United States, with the rest of 56% coming from the rest of world, while the overall costs for Q1 2012 were of $7.25 billion, giving the company a nice $3.4 billion profit.

The numbers are far from surprising (or impressive, for that matter), being pretty much predicted by financial analysts a while back. It’s obvious that Google is still a money-making machine and does pretty well by any standards, but that one percent increase in earnings from 2011’s last quarter to this year’s first three months should be a bit alarming for the company’s executives.

That’s about all we have to report today on Google, Larry Page, and their plans for the future, but keep in touch with our website, because we are bound to find out more exciting details about that Nexus Tablet we are all so eagerly awaiting for.