The Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, is one a kind. Designed to carry out experiments to assist mankind in further understanding extremely advanced ideas like the structure of space and time, among other things, you can now download a very nerdy, and very beautiful app that enables you to see a 3D wireframe model of the LHC, complete with requisite pinch to zoom action, 3D rotation, and different elements of the LHC itself.

Called LHSee, it allows you to interact with  different parts of it, and see streaming experiments live in full 3D graphics. Plus, there’s variety of educational resources and a ‘Hunt the Higgs’ game.

Totally free, this Android app appears to have been designed for every person – both nerd and non-nerd. It was created by a group of Oxford University students, and is definitely worth a download. Checking it out on the Galaxy S II displays magical visuals, and is borderline hypnotic. The app is now available now on the Android Market!

Any thoughts on this?

Darcy LaCouvee
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