We live in a world with a lot of eccentric things. You can have a green apple scented golf ball laptop stand if you really wanted one. Not all ridiculous electronics make sense. Some of them aren’t even useful. However, sometimes a new product gets released that’s both awesome and useful.

A Japanese company called Green House is preparing to release a lantern that runs on a healthy diet of salt water. Currently known as the GH-LED10WBW, it requires no battery or outside power sources at all. Simply drop the salt water in and it lights up. As an added bonus, the lantern also comes with a USB port. This can be used to power or charge your electronic devices.

How does the Green House lantern work?

When anyone gets the lantern, they must also get custom made magnesium rods that are placed inside the lantern. Then, a bag filled with a measured amount of salt water –350ml of water mixed with 16g of salt, according to Tech-On— is dumped into the lantern. To put it simply, the chemical reaction created by the mixture will create the light and energy needed to power the lantern. Bill Nye the Science Guy would be so proud.

Each magnesium rod can be used for 120 hours of continuous power. Unfortunately, the magnesium rods are sold separately. So if you do intend to buy this product, you will also have to pick up additional magnesium rods for it. This is an excellent little device for camping trips or anywhere with a healthy supply of salt water. Green House hasn’t released a price on the lantern just yet. However, it is slated for release sometime in September.

Is this is a product you can see yourself buying? Let us know in the comments.

Joe Hindy
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