xposed l release nav buttons (4)

One of the biggest visual changes in the Android L release is the new navigation bar featuring the triangle, circle, and square buttons, replacing the familiar setup we’ve been using since ICS.

Not everyone is a fan of these new so-called “Play Station style” buttons. Personally, I still have mixed feelings about them – they are modern and match Material design, but I think that Google took abstraction a bit too far. But, if you happen to like them, you can use the new navigation buttons on your current device using a simple Xposed module created by XDA user prithvee.

All you need is root access and the Xposed Framework installed on your device. As you can see in the screenshots above, the buttons aren’t exactly identical to Google’s, so be warned if you tend to OCD about these things. You can donwload the module from here.

This mod is another handy tool for those who want to bring some of the L release flair to their current devices. You can also get the new system font, wallpapers, some of the apps, the new Heads Up notifications feature, and the Material-styled Google Keyboard app with minimal work, which should help pass the time until L release becomes available to the public this fall.

Bogdan Petrovan
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