Koolu, a company that distributes and installs third party software to open-source phones, has ported the Android OS to the Openmoko Neo FreeRunner.  The beta for the Android OS on the FreeRunner will begin in early December, and the final product will be released in Q1 of 2009.   Openmoko will also factory install Android to its FreeRunner, to then be distributed by Koolu.

“We selected Openmoko’s FreeRunner because users can purchase a pre-paid GSM SIM card in foreign countries and use that country’s local service as easily as their service at home, and can choose a VoIP service or various WiFi hot-spots around the world.  It’s their choice. Customers will receive support for the software and hardware, yet be able to choose their own GSM provider and VoIP provider, as well as other independent services.”

-Andrew Greig

[via Android Community]
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