a href="https://www.androidauthority.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/image_16.jpg">image_16Natalie Thompson, who goes by the alias of “Kommodore”, has recently added something to her body which shows true Android love. Allegedly based in Sugar Land, TX, USA (although she might just like the name) and a self-described ‘leet’ person, Natalie has the spot-light with her new green Android tattoo on the underside of her left forearm. The most famous person to show this much corporate love is arguably Zune guy, who has a similar kind of tattoo with the Zune logo. However, this is, as far as we are aware, the first Android tattoo in existence, and given the fact the little robot is rather cute, we are sure it won’t be the last. For more information about Natalie you can subscribe to her Twitter page and you can view the original image of her arm here.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.