So far, Kodak hasn’t done as well as it hoped to with the sale of its patent portfolio. Now the company, which filed for bankruptcy in January of this year, is saying that it may form a licensing company if it doesn’t sell its patents.

First Apple and Microsoft were teaming up Google and Android OEMs, then we heard that they all might cooperate to purchase Kodak’s patents. All the while Kodak has been continuously postponing the sale date of its patents, presumably hoping for a better sale price.

Now we’re hearing that a sale may not happen at all. The company has said that “In the event that a potential transaction does not occur, the Debtors are consulting with the Reviewing Creditors with respect to the retention of the Digital Imaging Patent Assets and the creation of a newly-formed licensing company as a source of recovery for creditors in the plan of reorganization.”

Kodak forming a licensing company may be for the best, at least as far as smartphones are concerned. All of Kodak’s patents in the hands of one company would be good for that company, but not for users. With the patents up for licensing, it would be similar to many technologies in the smartphone world: available to anyone willing to pay. Whether this would be good or not for Kodak is debatable.

Would you rather see all of Kodak’s imaging patents in the hands of of one company (possibly Google?), or up for grabs for everyone?


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