With all due respect to China, but it seems they rank number one when it comes to producing knockoff smartphones and tablets. In fact, they have leveled up the quality of their knockoffs recently, with a recent tablet from Shenzhen Careeror Technology that looks near identical to Apple’s iPad. Take a closer look at the images of the tablet below, and perhaps you will see why they could potentially be sued for copyright infringement.

The tablet, known as the CM9701 tablet, is a near duplicate of the original iPad. However, powering it on, it reveals that it is in fact an Android tablet, and obviously doesn’t have an Apple logo on the back. Furthermore, even the black bar that protects the 3G antennas is in the same exact location as the iPad.

Upon closer scrutiny of the CM9701, it divulges a few other trivial variances as well.  The tablet has a small camera at the top of its front, and the device’s black 3G plastic cover opens to let an SD card slot slip in.

Besides these differences, and based on the FCC tests, the device is registered as a 2.4 GHz tablet, which likely has to do with frequencies capabilities rather than it’s CPU. While we aren’t sure what is inside, there is potential for it to have a dual core 1.2 GHz processor. Also, it has standard Wi-Fi that encompasses the 802.11(g) and (b) bands. Moreover, the CM9701 tablet features a headphone jack , microphone, and a front facing webcam. Even if this tablet has passed the FCC, we will just have to wait and see if it becomes a smash hit once it enters the US market. Obviously it wont be receiving Android 3.0 Honeycomb anytime soon.

Source: Wireless Goodness