To appreciate the best new movies, TV, and video games, you’re going to need a sound system that can deliver, but none of us want to break the bank trying to outfit our entertainment center. We tracked down a pair of deals on Klipsch equipment so that you can get top-notch audio without emptying your wallet. You can grab the Klipsch two-way center channel speaker for only $129 ($160 off) and the all-digital powered subwoofer for just $149 ($40 off).

Both of these Klipsch products are solid options for building out your home entertainment system. If you’re short on space or are looking to spend a little less, the center channel speaker alone might be your preferred option. It has unique Tractrix horn technology, two 5.25-inch woofers, and a sleek design to blend in easily with your home. This Klipsch speaker has a little bit of everything, but if you also want your speaker to have all the power of Google or Amazon, you might want to check out our take on the best smart speaker.

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To be fully immersed in your next Netflix binge or video game world, you’ll want to boost that bass, and Klipsch has got you covered again. The all-digital powered subwoofer has a beautiful and effective 12-inch copper-spun woofer in the middle of the speaker to deliver ground-shaking bass. On top of that, one of the best parts of this device is the easy crossover with other Klipsch speakers, allowing for an awesome blending of bass and treble.

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