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Klip: Android app for social video sharing

August 3, 2012

YouTube is, in fact, one of the largest video sharing services on the Internet and together with Google, literally controls a large number of loyal users subscribing to the service. Since the launch of YouTube, numerous other websites have followed its lead, stemming from the idea of video sharing. One of these websites is Klip, a simple social video sharing service that combines Facebook and YouTube, all in one place.

First time users of Klip will notice how the app is beautifully laid out in a thumbnail-laden interface that pretty much resembles Pinterest. Klip is not an Android-exclusive application but it also has an iOS counterpart.

The Android variant of Klip brings the same features as those in its iOS counterpart. Just like any other social network, Klip requires users to sign in to the application. New users can easily create an account right within the application using their Facebook or Twitter credentials.

You can discover short video clips referred to as “Klips” and share your own video recordings on Klip via Facebook or Twitter. There are tons of social networking options that you can do with Klip.  Just like on Twitter, you can also follow a particular Klip user and view all the user’s shared posts. You can also block a specific user from displaying unwanted feeds on your home page.

On the bottom page lies the various tabs.  You can sift through various Klip feeds, take a peek at the latest trending videos, explore the Klip network for your desired content, capture and share your personal video recording, or beef up your profile with important details and information.

One of the best parts of Klip is that of letting you view the entire preview of a video clip in the form of image thumbnails. Just by sliding your finger over the video window, you can quickly take a sneak peek at what the video contains. This is very useful, most especially if you are streaming videos using your mobile data plan. Videos can either be viewed in full screen or in windowed mode.

Klip doesn’t limit the number of clips that you can share. You can also see all of your friends’ latest activities on the network, courtesy of real-time status bar notifications. If Pinterest was the Internet’s way of pinning interesting articles, Klip is its video-based equivalent.

In a nutshell, Klip is like Instagram. Instead of sharing photos, you share video clips, comment on them, and discover and connect with other users. Just like its iOS counterpart, Klip Video Sharing for Android is absolutely free to download. It requires Android 2.3 or higher to run.