Motorola Droid

Back in November, Verizon became the first U.S. carrier to bring KitKat over to the Moto X. Now exactly one month to the day, Verizon has taken to Twitter to reveal that it is pushing out a KitKat update once again, this time for the latest members of the Droid family.

So what’s new here? Obviously the biggest change is the many new features that KitKat brings to the table such as color emoji support, smarter power use, immersive mode and so much more. As to be expected, there are also some Droid/Verizon specific changes including several updated Verizon apps and a new version of the Droid Zap sharing utility. Apparently the update also includes official support for Fitbit.

It’s nothing short of impressive how quickly Motorola has been with its KitKat updates, and even more shocking is the fact that Verizon has been pushing the upgrades out equally fast. Of course it’s important to note that not all Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx owners will see KitKat today, as these kinds of rollouts can often take several days to reach everyone. When in doubt, you can always check manually within system settings.

For those that have already snagged the update, be sure to tell us in the comments what Droid device are you using and what do you think of the update so far.

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