Last Thursday Google unveiled Android 4.4 KitKat, while also highlighting quite a few unique features that would be arriving with the update. One of the changes coming to KitKat is a totally redesigned phone dialer.

What’s so special about the new dialer? Besides a much more attractive overall design, it’s also much smarter this time around. Not only does the dialer make it easy to search for a business’ number without ever leaving the phone app, it also is bringing smart caller ID that will automatically match incoming numbers against Google Places to provide you more information about the business calling you.

It doesn’t end there. Sometime in 2014, Google plans to flip the switch on a new feature that will bring a similar process to people as well.

Basically if you have a verified phone number with Google, Android 4.4 users will see your Google+ profile picture on their incoming call screen. What’s currently unknown is whether Google plans to bring the updated dialer to older versions of Android, or if this will remain a KitKat feature.

Interestingly enough, all folks with a verified number are opted in by default. For those that don’t want to have their profile pics show up, you will have the option to go into your Google settings and manually opt out. Although this is a pretty cool idea, we also can imagine that some folks might not want to have their “wild party pictures” pop up when they go to call a co-worker or even a boss. At least Google gave users a way out if they don’t want to participate.

Personally I love that Google is working to bring the dialer into the modern age of smartphones, a move that is long overdo. What do you think — like the idea or do you feel that automatically opting folks into the feature is a potential invasion of privacy?

Andrew Grush
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