kindle paperwhite

When it comes to mobile browsing and gaming, tablets are certainly the way to go. For reading, many still prefer the e-ink screens found with a quality e-reader.

One of the most popular e-reader brands out there is the Amazon Kindle. For those that want a frontlit experience, you previously had make do with the Nook SimpleTouch GlowLight. Not any longer.

The much-anticipated Kindle Paperwhite has finally arrived today, bringing many interesting new features with it- including a frontlit display. The illumination of the Paperwhite relies on a fiber optic system, similar to the Nook.

Alongside the frontlit feature, the Paperwhite also features a new E-Ink XGA display, bringing its PPI from 169 up to 212.

Other hardware upgrades include a capacitive touchscreen and a battery that is rated for 8 weeks of use, with the light on. This is based on thirty minutes of reading time a day, so mileage will vary dependent on how much you actually read.

Even the software is getting some significant updates. This includes a new homescreen and a really cool feature called “Time to Read”.

With time to read, the Kindle Paperwhite will estimate how long it will take you to finish a chapter, and even how much time you have left before the book is finished.

How does this estimation system work? It tracks how quickly you read, while also being smart enough to know the difference between an actual page turn or an accidental page turn.

The Paperwhite will hit store shelves on October 1st for $119, or $179 for the 3G version.

For those looking for a simple e-reader experience without all the bells and whistles, a slightly upgraded basic Kindle will arrive for $69 with a launch date of September 14th.

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