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Kindle Fire update brings extra parental controls, lets your children play with fire

May 5, 2012

Since it was launched in the holiday season of 2011, the Kindle Fire has become the most popular Android tablet in the US, with a market share of more than 50% as of February 2012. It’s no wonder Amazon is so eager to provide updates for the Kindle Fire, in order to keep their customers happy.

If you’re having trouble keeping the Kindle Fire from being recklessly used by the juveniles in your household, Amazon hears your pain. This update will likely please many parents, as the new 6.3.1 software update brings additional parental controls to the e-reader device. Once you apply the 6.3.1 software update on your Kindle Fire, you’ll be able to password-protect purchases and disable access to specific ‘content libraries’, as well as block access to the Fire’s Silk web browser, which is, naturally, full of lots of candy.

Amazon last released an update for the Kindle Fire back in March, where some major features were introduced. They included the ability to share passages and notes from books directly from the Kindle Fire, and more. They also included the Book Extras feature, that enabled users to see more information about the book being read without leaving the book. Further to this, Amazon baked in lots of other features that tie your personal data to their cloud, for viewing on multiple devices.

Although Amazon will push the update automatically to all Kindle Fire devices, you can install it manually by first downloading the 199MB file from Amazon, and then by transfering the file to the device via a USB cable. Easy peasy, right? Just in case, you can find more information about the update and installation process on the online retailer’s website. Enjoy your freshly updated Kindle Fire. Your kids likely will enjoy it a lot less.