Kindle Fire

When it comes to the Amazon Kindle Fire, the lack of an official push notification system is certainly one of the tablet’s biggest flaws. Luckily, Amazon is now addressing the problem with the announcement of the Amazon Device Messaging API.

While Amazon already has SNS push notifications for web apps, the new cloud-based push notification system is designed specifically for regular Kindle Fire apps. Needless to say, this is great news for developers.

Up until now, developers had to rely on third parties or write their own push notification systems. With the new API, they can skip all of that. Best of all, developers can use the API free of charge.

Does this matter for everyday Kindle Fire users? Actually, yes it does.

First off, it will mean more apps will get an official push notification system. Additionally, Amazon claims that the use of ADM will actually improve battery life. The reason behind this improvement is that the new API doesn’t require your device to poll the server constantly, which means your battery juice isn’t being used up as quickly as it would with third party push notification systems.

The catch? For consumers, the new push notification system will only work with the Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire 2nd generation tablet. For developers, you will need to be accepted into Amazon’s beta program in order to use the new API.

What do you think about the new push notification system? Are you surprised that it won’t support the OG Kindle Fire?

Andrew Grush

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