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With all of the newer, better, and cheaper tablets coming out, buying last year’s hardware isn’t ideal, but you can certainly save quite a penny. In this case, Amazon has slashed the 16GB Kindle Fire HD`s $199USD price tag to just $159USD, probably in effort to make way for more Amazon-made tablets, but it’s a deal nonetheless.

If you want the device without special offers that’ll cost you a bit more at $174USD. Looking at the 32GB model, you can get it with special offers for $189USD and without for $204USD.

While this is a great deal, it’s common for companies to refresh their tablet lineup annually, which means we should see something new from Amazon in the next couple of months here. We’ve heard news of a major redesign and some impressive specifications coming to Amazon’s line of devices.

Of course, if the bastardized version of Android powering the Kindle Fires isn’t good enough for you, there’s always the option of getting a brand spankin’ new Nexus 7 (2013)!