If you still think the iPad is the best thing since sliced bread, you might have to rethink this notion. As presented by Millenial Media, an immensely popular independent mobile ad network, a new device has taken over the iPad. Millenial Media has taken a liking for tracking impressions across platforms iOS, RIM, Windows Phone 7, and the Android. The newcomer to join the list is none other than the Kindle Fire by Amazon.

Ever since the tablet was released in the middle of November, it has received a remarkable number of ad impressions having an average 19% daily growth rate. And according to Millenial, the tablet has only been running for a month yet it has already received impressions reaching up to hundreds of millions already. This is reason to believe that the Kindle Fire has slowly outpaced the iPad, considering that the Kindle Fire was already introduced to a tablet market more mature than the ones who greeted the original iPad back in 2010. This may have been the result of Amazon’s lower price and entertainment focused platform.

More Power to Android

This is already the 12th consecutive month in which Millenial’s Connected Device and Smartphone OS Mix count was led by an Android. With regards to their ranking, Android impressions reach up to 50%, iOs with 37% and RIM having only 17%.

As for the ranking of smartphone manufacturers, Apple still continues its regime as Millenial’s leading device manufacturer, having 26% impression share on the list of the Top 15 Manufacturers. The number two spot has been taken by Samsung, having 17% impression share. The third spot belongs to HTC, which is represented by 13% impression share ranking.


[Source: Tech Crunch]

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