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Kindle Fire 2 event scheduled for September 6, is Amazon in a hurry to launch it before the iPad Mini?

August 24, 2012

With the launch of the original Kindle Fire, it became clear that there’s an obvious market for budge-friendly but content-filled 7-inch tablets. Google soon saw the Amazon threat to its fragile Android ecosystem that was already taking a beating from the iPad, and pulled all the stops to make the Nexus 7, a Kindle Fire killer – which is exactly what the device is, and then some.

But Amazon will not stop making Kindle Fire tablets. In fact, long before the late June Nexus 7 announcement we’ve seen a garden variety of Kindle Fire 2 rumors, with Amazon rumored to release more than one Android-based device – the company is said to consider various sizes for its next-gen Kindle Fire but also to be working on its own Android smartphone.

Last year, Amazon unveiled the Kindle Fire and its new Kindle readers line on September 28, so it’s about time we saw another Amazon media event. And it looks like the giant electronics retailer has already set a date for such a presser, September 6 – the invites are already in the mail for the event.

But why is the company coming out with new products so early? Is Amazon afraid of the buzz the iPad Mini will generate, a product that’s also rumored to be unveiled this fall, and to hit stores in time for the Christmas shopping season?

That may be the case with Amazon when it comes to the potential threat from Apple products. Also worth noting is that other companies have also scheduled events for the same week – Motorola and Nokia will both unveil new devices on September 5, exactly one week ahead of the iPhone 5 media event (the iPad Mini event may be scheduled a little later this fall, according to fresh rumors.)

What’s important for us is the Kindle Fire 2, a device that simply has to be better, or at least on par with the Nexus 7, if it wants to have a fighting chance in the tablet market. Not to mention that Amazon may also be interested in directly competing against the iPad, and other 10-inch tablets, by releasing a bigger tablet of its own.

Anyone excited about the Kindle Fire 2 launch?