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Amazon is updating its Kindle app for Android with tighter Audible integration, making it easy to switch between the regular and the audio version of a book.

Amazon bought audiobook purveyor Audible in 2008 to establish a foothold in the fast growing segment of audiobooks. Now the retail giant is giving users of Kindle for Android quick access to the Audible version of the book they are reading, all without leaving the app. Using the Whispersync for Voice feature, users can buy “professionally narrated” audiobook versions of the books they are reading, and switch between the two versions at will. This makes it possible, for instance, to start reading a book at home and switch to audio for your drive to work, with the app keeping track of your place in the book.

Amazon says there are over 45,000 titles in its collection of audio companions for Kindle books. The price for classic works is $0.99, while new titles like the Hunger Games series will cost you $3.99. Of course, that’s in addition to the cost of the ebook. You can check which titles in your collection have audio companions with Amazon’s Matchmaker service.

The update for Kindle for iOS (as well as the app’s iOS equivalent) is now heading towards all users. Check the Kindle for Android app in the Play Store here.

Bogdan Petrovan
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