Kim Jong Un Credit: AP Photo/Vincent Yu

North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un isn’t just the world’s sexiest man alive (as declared by both The Onion and the official Chinese newspaper People’s Daily), but also a fine example of an enlightened leader who understands that modern technology is crucial for the development of his minions people.

Hence, it should come to no surprise that Kim Jong Un embarked in such radical reforms as allowing women to wear pants on the street, lifting the ban on pizza and French fries, and even allowing more North Koreans to own cell phones.

Speaking of which, North Korea’s most beloved leader is supposedly a fan of the Android operating system. As reported by a South Korean newspaper, Kim Jong Un has been recently photographed while using a smartphone running Android.

But what Android manufacturer does Kim Jong Un prefer? Obviously, he can’t sport a phone made by the estranged brothers south of the border. How would it look for North Korea’s leader to use a Galaxy S3 or an Optimus G? Moreover, there are security concerns that any self-respecting ruler must be aware of.

The “extra burdens” (as the Korean press calls the issues) are likely to be even bigger if Comrade Kim used a phone made by North Korea’s sworn enemies, the capitalists across the Pacific. So an iPhone just won’t do.

After scrutinizing the image showing Kim Jong Un on the phone, the South Korean press declared that the black device was made by HTC. We think that, for a leader of Kim’s magnitude, an HTC Butterfly should be just right.

It’s speculated that Kim Jong Un uses his smartphone to keep in touch with members of his family, but also with “cadre in the Workers’ Party of Korea”. Because, you know, being a dictator is a full time job.

We’re just curious about the apps that Mr. Kim has installed on his HTC? What do you think?

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