ouya create

Kill Screen posted up the finalists for its OUYA CREATE competition on its website along with a handful of other developers who won an award. The company noted that the winner, who is chosen out of a pool of 10, will be announced on Feb. 18.

Keep in mind that all of the titles that were created are unfinished as they were developed in a week or less. The OUYA CREATE contest was much like an extended Ludum Dare challenge, which also means that we may or may not see some of these games available on the OUYA in the future.

Regardless, some of the entries are breathtaking. It’ll especially be awesome to see Sky Arena developed by Hammer Labs on the Ouya as it seems to be a bit more complicated than your standard Android game. You can check out the video below.

While we wait for the finalist to be announced, be sure to head on over here to check out all of the amazing entries! Which games will you be voting for to win?

Brad Ward
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