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Kickstarter Project: Chargecard

August 14, 2012

There have been some cool projects on Kickstarter recently like OuyaRingbow and Chameleon to name a few. This piece is dedicated to another great innovation: Chargecard. What it appears to be at first glance, is a mobile USB storage device. But those days are nearly over with internal storage on smartphones and tablets going up with each release. What Chargecard’s role in the mobile world is a USB charging cable squashed into a wallet size frame.

Who carries a USB charging cable anyways? Most phones these days meet daily power demands, with a rare few needing a late evening charge, perhaps. But for those of us who find we need some juice at an inopportune time, Chargecard delivers the goods. Those of you with an iPhone, you’re not left out of the game here! Chargecard has MicroUSB and (current) iPhone connectors built-in to the device. Regarding the future iterations of iPhone, here is what inventors Noah Dentzel + Adam Miller had to say:

Regarding future iPhones and the potential of a different connector, we have indeed seen the rumors and we’re eagerly awaiting to develop for the future connector once Apple releases its specifications. For now though, ours works on the over 200 million iPhones sold to date, including the many hundreds of millions of iPods (and let’s not forget iPads, too!).

If you think about it, a lot of mobile gadgets and other electronics we interface with everyday have USB ports, meaning we Chargecard’s usability factor is astronomically high! The video below tells more about this fascinating tool.