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Kazam announces Tornado 2 series, offers pure Android and free screen replacement

At MWC 2014 Kazam, a company founded by former HTC execs, announced the Tornado 2 series with the promise of pure Android and free screen replacement. Read on for more details!
February 27, 2014
Kazam Tornado 2 5.5
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Only 3 months after launching a smattering of Android phones in the UK and France, Kazam has announced two new handsets to compete with the top phones on the market. MWC was the stage for this announcement and the Kazam Tornado 2 5.5 and Tornado 2 5.0 were the phones under the spotlights.

Both the Tornado 2 5.5 and the Tornado 2 5.0 run pure Android 4.2, but may get KitKat before they actually go on sale. As the names would suggest, the Tornado 2 5.5 has a 5.5-inch display and the Tornado 2 5.0 sports a more modest 5-inch display. Both step up to the plate with a 1.7GHz octo-core Mediatek processor.

The Tornado 2 5.5 spec list continues with Full HD display resolution, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, a 2500mAh removable battery and 5MP and 13MP front and rear cameras. The Tornado 2 5.0 does not carry the same firepower, but still a decent mid-range device with 720p display resolution, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage and 2MP and 8MP front and rear cameras.

This announcement comes less than a year after two former HTC execs first announced their plans to build smartphones in the UK. The first round of Kazam phones came out last November. The Trooper, Life and Thunder lines were not the best spec’d units, even for the time, but they were solid devices with attractive styling. They even came with a free screen replacement if you happened to drop your phone.

Kazam Thunder and Trooper phones

The Tornado 2 line will continue to offer free screen replacement within the first year, plus remote assistance through their app if you ever need help figuring out what buttons to push. Pricing and availability were not announced, but expect to only find them in European online stores for Kazam’s target price range of under £250 for the Tornado 2 5.5.

This may be the sort of phone you have been looking for – a pure Android experience with committed customer support for a simple, yet powerful, nicely designed device. What do you think, can this small company compete with the monster power behind established players in the mobile space?