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Kaspersky Labs warns new wave of ZitMo Android attacks might be imminent

August 8, 2012

While Android may be a great platform when it comes to its open nature and flexibility, it does have one area where it doesn’t shine so brightly, malware. No mobile platform is truly safe from malware and spyware, but it’s Android and Blackberry devices that have been mostly targeted by several security problems over the years.

Adding to the list, security researchers at Kaspersky Labs have discovered five new samples of ZeuS-in-the-Mobile (ZitMo) malware, adding to their discovery in June of a fake Android security software that was truly ZitMo in disguise. For those that don’t know, ZitMo is a pesky Trojan virus designed to get access to your SMS messages. From there it sends them back to its command and control numbers in Sweden, where they hope to get precious codes and security information that they can exploit.

The new Trojan samples aren’t much different from what security specialists have dealt with in the past, but Kaspersky Labs fears that they may herald a new wave of ZitMo attacks in the coming days. The self-issued certificate found in the Android version’s APK file reads “Valid from: Thu July 19”, so the new trojan isn’t very old either. According to Kaspersky, it seems that the latest ZitMo samples were all aimed at German-speaking users, and works by having the Android package pose as a security certificate. For more information about ZitMo, Kaspersky Labs provides an in-depth ZitMo guide.