The ‘apperating system’ is a great concept, that much is clear. It has some concerned, as it could ask for permissions on your device that may be suspect, but the idea is phenomenal. We’re all big fans here at Android Authority, as it adds a level of usability to Android not yet considered.

Others have made attempts to imitate the Facebook Home app, but Kakao may be able to achieve that better than most have. The messaging app, which is quite popular is southeast Asia, is set to release their app/launcher/cool-new-feature “within a couple of weeks”.

Just what it will be is unknown, but Kakao co-CEO Sirgoo Lee mentioned “We hope to put in features that will attract non-KakaoTalk users as well.” An interesting comment, considering Kakao is strictly a messaging app. With Kakao, users can make calls, send messages, use emoticons… all things messaging, really. Just what features could be added is enticing.

Kakao also travels across platforms, so an Android app-launcher only adds to their profile, as well as Android’s. This also represents another big-name app stepping up to the plate, and following Facebook’s blueprint. It doesn’t need to be as robust as Facebook’s offering to be interesting, either. At this point, any new ‘apperating system’ is fun and exciting. We just need to figure out what to call them…