Stop! What are you guys doing? I’ll take one of those! Occasionly one of these videos pop up, and we can only watch in horror as these guys destroy perfectly good gadgets. With this particular video from ElectronicsBreak, we get front row seats to see just how tough these tablets are, and apparently not so tough. The contenders are the Samsung Galaxy Tab, an iPad 2, and a Motorola XOOM.

One by one, from waist level, all tablets are dropped, face planting into what appears to be marble or concrete. While all devices are pretty much finished after hitting the not so forgiving ground, the iPad 2 definitely appears to be the most damaged. While the Galaxy Tab might have appeared to suffered the least, I don’t think anyone will be using this tablet anytime soon.

As you can see by the end of the video, this was a clever idea from SquareTrade to promote their insurance. After a video like this reminds you just how fragile our toys for adults are, you might consider SquareTrade for insurance on your sleek new tablet(or handset). If you ask me, SquareTrade has a good thing going on, and is definitely a better option for insurance, as the insurance offered by major carries like Verizon, are really not worth how much you pay into them.

After seeing this video, are you more likely to get insurance on your next device? Anyone have anything to say about SquareTrade? Be sure to share your thoughts with us, and check out this gut wrenching video.

[via Droid-Life]

Guest Post by Tyler Wilford from 411Droid