Battery life is probably one of the most important concerns for any mobile device owner, and with devices growing increasingly powerful, more people are starting to get proactive in their attempt to make their device(s) last as long as possible. As we all know, smart phones and tablets tend to work better when not attached to a socket. Having limited battery life can be a pain at times, though. Not being aware when your device needs charging may end up with you high-and-dry somewhere without a convenient charge spot to access.

That’s why it’s best to have the Juice Defender Ultimate app installed on your device. The ultimate is tacked on there because in its original Juice Defender form, this app was free. This time, you’ll have to pay for it – and it will be worth every penny.

How does Juice Defender Ultimate work? It pretty much makes sure you maximize your battery life, while also keeping tabs on it. The original Juice Defender didn’t have the additional slew of options that can be found in this version’s “customize” and “advanced” menus. Right now it is also comes with three fairly comprehensive preset setting, so there’s no need to fiddle around with the custom options, unless you really want to.

If you do want to live on the wild side, you can customize to your heart’s content – without getting confused. They customization options are pretty easy to understand. They usually come down to granting or denying the app permission to turn off parts of your device when they’re not doing anything. A good example would be Juice Defender Ultimate’s protocol of disabling 3G and WiFi, unless there is a WiFi network in range.

Another great feature is the ability to schedule periods of data connectivity to sync your systems without being always on. This option alone boost battery life by hours.

If you’re interested, the app costs $7.13 on the Market – which is a whole lot cheaper than a replacement battery.

Source: Android Central

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