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Judge Koh refuses to delay Samsung damages retrial

Judge Lucy Koh ruled on Thursday that she will not delay the retrial on damages between Samsung and Apple. The retrial will go ahead in November this year.
August 23, 2013

You may remember the landmark lawsuit where $1.05 billion in damages was awarded to Apple regarding various patents which Samsung infringed upon. That original sum had subsequently been reduced to $650 million by Judge Lucy Koh, pending a retrial where the jury will decide up on the final amount.

Samsung has been trying to delay the retrial, as there have been recent legal changes to various Apple patents which may affect the ruling. Not to mention that Samsung probably doesn’t want to have to pay out to Apple either. The USPTO is currently re-examining various Apple patents, including one for the “rubber-banding” effect for scrolling at the edges of a screen, and another for its 915 pinch zoom AP patent.

Samsung was asking for a new trial on the basis of these new patent disputes, or in lieu of that, was questioning whether or not it would be able to partially appeal the existing judgement. Both of these options would have added a significant delay to the current case, and despite the various objections from Samsung, Judge Koh ruled that the original retrial must go ahead as planned.

The court date is still scheduled to go ahead in November, when we’ll finally find out just how much Samsung will have to pay Apple.