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Judge Lucy Koh denies Samsung's request to keep sales docs sealed

The Samsung vs Apple battle continues on, much to the surprise of no one. In recent court news, the Judge denied Samsung's request to keep their sales figures a secret. Samsung now must make public all of their sales records for a number of devices.
January 2, 2013
Now that we’re fresh into the new year, Samsung and Apple have gone back to trying to settle their old problems. Samsung has already been fired from making Apple’s A6X chips. Now, it would appear Samsung has lost in court again as well as their requests to keep sales figures secret is denied.

According to Judge Lucy Koh, Samsung didn’t present a cogent enough argument to keep the documents sealed. This means that Samsung will have to publicly release the sales figures for a number of devices. This actually makes sense, because, “we don’t want to” isn’t a legal reason to hide something.

This ruling stems from another ruling from December 10th of last year. According to Bloomberg, Judge Koh ordered Samsung to file an exhibit showing their sales numbers on certain smartphones.

On a happy note for Samsung, the Judge did allow the delay of publishing sales stats on two of their smartphones. Sources don’t say which two, but it is likely two of their newer devices. It is well known that the Korean electronics company saves those stats for big announcements.


Did the courts just say no to Samsung?

Nope, Apple got their fair share too. Judge Koh not only denied most of Samsung’s requests, but most of Apple’s as well. In an unprecedented display of fairness, Judge Koh said no to everyone. So Apple will also be publishing more of their sales figures soon. Then the courts can see how well both sides are actually doing.

In many cases, for both companies, sales figures are already available. It is common practice to hide the sales stats of newer devices for a bit after their released until it hits a number worth bragging about. What will be fun, though, will be to see who’s actually sold more devices.

The sales figures should be submitted in the near future. Is anyone wondering just how well these two giant tech companies are doing? Let us know what you think.