Nokia had a hit on their hands with the MeeGo powered N9, but Stephen Elop, the company’s CEO, decided that the Finnish handset maker was going to bet the future on Windows Phone instead. So what did the MeeGo team do? They left to start Jolla, a new company set to unveil a new operating system, codenamed Sailfish, next month in Helsinki, Finland. The face of Jolla, Jussi Hurmola, is announcing today that he’s decided to step down. Not because he doesn’t like Jolla, but instead to do a better job at focusing on the ecosystem around Sailfish. Marc Dillon, who has been with Jolla since the start, has already taken over Jussi’s position. He’ll be handling things like delivering the company’s first handset.

What does this mean for Android fans? Well, it’s complicated. Handset makers are in a bit of bind right now. Everyone uses Google’s software because customers want access to Google’s services, but in order to build Android smartphones companies have to pay Microsoft to license some patents. Meanwhile Jolla has said that they’re going to let anyone build Sailfish devices, so we could potentially see someone like Huawei, or even Samsung, say they’re tired of dealing with Google, and that their future will be Sailfish based.

Another potential outcome, one that doesn’t get discussed too frequently, would be Google buying Jolla outright and putting their talented engineers to work on making Android even better. We know that Matias Duarte personally thinks that Android is a about a third of the way done. Maybe some Nordic coders and designers can help him finish Android even faster?

All we know at Android Authority is that we’re excited when new players enter the mobile space because they introduce new ideas that hopefully get picked up by everyone. The end result is that we, the users, benefit.