While personnel shifts between various tech companies is far from uncommon, it raises eyebrows when someone leaves a company for the company they’re currently engaged in multiple legal battles with. This is the case with Jim Mergard, who has just left his position as Chief System Architect for Samsung for an unspecified position with Apple.

While it’s easy to focus on the ongoing litigation between the two companies, it’s important to remember that even as they’re fighting, Samsung and Apple continue to do a large amount of business with each other. In fact, with Samsung supplying microprocessors for both the iPhone and iPad (though they are designed by Apple), it makes good sense that Apple would court Mergard, who has been involved with microprocessors for a large part of his career.

Before he was with Samsung, Mergard was with AMD for 16 years, serving as vice president and chief engineer before he left. At AMD, Mergard played a key role in the development of the “Brazos” platform, meant for low-power devices such as netbooks. Whether this means that Apple has hired him to work on the development of technologies for their computers or for their mobile devices is unclear.

Do you think this was a strategic move on Apple’s part to try to poach talent from Samsung? Or is it possible that this was as simple as someone leaving one job for another?