Everyone seemingly wants a piece of the sweet Jelly Bean on their device, thus folks are turning to developers for help. It’s no secret that waiting for the official update might take forever – that is, if it ever sees the light of day. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, kalgecin at XDA-Developers has ported Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean for this phone.

Since it’s still a work in progress, it’s to be expected that not all features of the phone are working properly. You’re bound to find the usual quirks of an alpha build. As listed on the original thread, here’s the rundown of what works and what doesn’t:


  • Boot
  • Bluetooth (reconnects sometimes)
  • GSM/Data


  • Sound
  • WiFi
  • 3G
  • Camera
  • H/W Accelerator
  • ADB debugging doesn’t start automatically if switched on with cable plugged in

Hit the link above if you want a preliminary feel and taste of Jelly Bean. You can help the developer out by notifying him of any bugs. Note that this is only for the Exynos-variant of the Galaxy S2. As always, proceed at your own risk. If you own the OMAP-variant, or the Galaxy S2 i9100G, you can go to this thread instead to get your bowl of Jelly Bean.

Bams Sadewo

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