Boy, did Amazon take us on a crazy ride yesterday with its special unveiling event in Santa Monica! There were so many exciting new gadgets on show that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all and decide which one to go for.

That new Kindle e-reader is surely impressive looking with its lighted display, the revamped Kindle Fire is unbelievably cheap, while the 7 and 8.9-inch Fire HDs come with breathtaking quality-price ratios. Not to mention the Fire HD 4G LTE, which is not cheap, but does come with one connectivity option that you don’t see a lot of in today’s tablet market.

Above it all though, Amazon’s press conference was a demonstration of how you should handle such a public event. Of course, we did see a lot of bragging from the Kindle makers, but unlike other similar events, this one seemed much more organized and focused. It was lacking any attacks towards the competition and only concentrating on what was on show.

It was also a pleasure to hear from Jeff Bezos again, Amazon’s founder, chairman, president and CEO, a man of (usually) few words, but a great public speaker nevertheless. Bezos might not be as straightforward and funny as The Woz, but he speaks his mind and that’s certainly something we can appreciate.

The guys at managed to grab a quick word with Bezos after the “show”, and, as always, the Albuquerque-born entrepreneur had very few things to say, but very important things nevertheless. He addressed the collaboration with Android head on and said that Amazon has no plans to move away from Google’s mobile OS anytime soon.

“We like it” said Bezos about Android, which he characterized as “a base OS layer” similar to Linux. He also said that Amazon has a “large dedicated team that customizes Android and that’s what you see on the Kindle Fire.

There you have it, simple and straightforward, with no BS, no avoiding the question, and no trying to tickle Google’s ego. Amazon is simply using Android to its benefit, and as long as it works fine, he “likes” the “base OS layer”. As some of you already know, both the first-generation Kindle Fire and the tablets unveiled hours ago are based on Android, but run on heavily forked and customized versions of the OS (the 2011 Fire is based on Gingerbread, and the 2012 ones on ICS).

Jeff Bezos also answered a couple of questions about Amazon’s future plans in the allthingsd interview, confirming that his company will, in fact, unveil more gadgets at some point, but “not any time soon”. “Next year we have some more things that we hope people will enjoy”, said Amazon’s CEO.

That wasn’t exactly the most direct answer Bezos could have given, but it now seems even less likely that we will be seeing an Amazon phone released this year, despite recent rumors. Then again, we’re now certain that such a smartphone will be coming next year (what other “things” could he have been talking about?), so that’s something to clearly wait for.

So, have you guys had the chance to look at all of Amazon’s new gadgets? Have you decided yet if you are going to buy one or the other? If not, keep in touch with our website, because we will get back to you soon with reviews of the new tablets, but also head-to-head comparisons with the competition so as to help you make a wise and informed decision.