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JeFeel Text - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day JeFeel Text. This nifty app lets you easily put words on any image and upload them. It has a lot of customization options too!
September 17, 2014

What is JeFeel Text

JeFeel Text is an application that allows you to create personalized images with text, stickers, and other customization features. It markets itself for Instagram users but pretty much any social media user that’s on a site where you can upload photos could get a use out of this.

Here’s how it works. You choose an image you have in your gallery, take a photo, or choose from one of the generic backgrounds provided by the app. Then you can superimpose text on top of it if you so choose. From there you can edit the text, re-size it, and change the font to your liking. You can also add stickers for a little extra flair if you’re into that sort of thing. When you’re all done you simply save it and share it.

The tools are pretty basic but have a lot of applications. Aside from adding your own text and stickers, you can also draw with your finger (or a stylus) if you want to. In most cases people will use this to create those quote images that you see everywhere on Facebook and Instagram. That doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other purposes like pointing out something in a photo or adding a bit of personalization to a photo you took.

JeFeel Text is supported by ads and has in app purchases to get rid of them if you so choose. So far no one has complained about this arrangement but to be fair there aren’t a lot of reviews out for it yet. It includes 100 fonts, 20 themes, and some other customization tools in both versions. It also comes with a Material Design-style interface. It’s not true-blue Material Design, but it still looks nice.

JeFeel Text review
JeFeel Text is definitely a niche service for a specific crowd. It does do what it does very well and people seem to generally like it so far. People who have been looking for an app that lets them do this kind of stuff likely won’t be disappointed. Thanks to the customization options and formatting options, pretty much anyone could use this app and enjoy it. It doesn’t just have to be for quote image posters!