Don't count Japan out yet - JDI has an 5.2" OLED display that has the potential to change the mobile display landscape

Japan Displays (JDI) has developed a 5.2” HD screen, sporting a mind-boggling 423 PPI. The company has actually developed this OLED display mere months after announcing a 4.5” display with 326 PPI.

This is comparable to Samsung’s highest resolution OLED panel, the 4.99” display used in the upcoming Galaxy S4. The difference there is the Samsung display is Pentile, and uses a RGBG matrix while the JDI display is true HD. If that was a bit confusing, stay with me.

The RGBG matrix is short for red-green-blue-green, meaning there are two green pixels for every red or blue one (below right). Pentile displays last longer, and often have a better resolution, but also have warmer colors and a visible pattern. A full OLED HD screen uses a ‘real stripe’ matrix to achieve its PPI (think of that leaked Chromebook Pixel video that had all the colored bars on the screen, also below left).

A full HD OLED screen, like the one JDI has created, would be amazing. In addition to the density, it operates on an LTPS backplane, which has a lot to do with screen transition and speed of rendering images. In a nutshell, it’s bright, fast, and beautiful … and you thought we were crazy.