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Janetter: New full-featured Twitter client with multi-account support

October 18, 2012

Twitter is one of the most famous social networking and microblogging services in the world. Even though Twitter has its own official Android app, third-party developers have been making client apps for Twitter. Since such apps apps are usually limited, developers tend to add extra and interesting features to the apps. For example, some Twitter clients for Android allow sorting followers, adding filters, creating groups, or even to silencing (muting) some users without blocking or unfollowing them.

Recently, a newcomer to the Twitter client apps development scene has appeared in the form of Janetter, created by Jane, Inc. It also has versions for Windows and iOS.

Connecting Janetter to your Twitter account is quick and easy. Just tap “Connect to Twitter” and you’ll be asked to login to your Twitter account. Once connected you will have three default bookmarks: Home, Mentions, and Messages.

Janetter comes with a very well-organized and easy-to-use user interface. It has an icon on the upper-left to instantly access the app’s options. On the upper-right is the button to instantly create a new tweet.

The app allows you to swipe through your bookmarks for instant access to Mentions, Direct Messages, Lists, or even bookmarked user tweets or mentions.

When you tweet and want to add a photo, you can just tap the camera icon at the bottom of the compose screen.

Want to add a hashtag in your tweet?
There’s a dedicated button for that. You can just directly add a “#” or number sign without going through your special characters on your keyboard.

Adding your location is also not a problem; just tap the location icon and the app adds the location for you. Sometimes you’d like to save drafts for later tweets; Janetter has that feature, too.

If you wish to customize the app, access the Settings screen to find the Preferences, Mute, and Account menus. The Preferences screen lets you change the theme, font size, name format, time format, and more.

When adding photos to your tweets, you are able to choose from different photo upload services to upload your photo to. Twitter, Twitpic, yFrog,, Lockerz, Mobypictures, and Twipple are supported. So, if you are already using these
photo upload services, you can go on using them.

In the Settings screen you can also choose how your re-tweet or RT would look like. You can choose between two different formats.

Janetter has an option to mute or silence (i.e., to not display tweets or updates) from a specific user or containing a particular word.

If you own multiple Twitter accounts, you don’t have to worry. Janetter allows you to login to 3 accounts simultaneously. Managing multiple accounts won’t be confusing because Janetter displays the username at the top of the app screen.

The app looks very promising and the design of the user interface appears amazing. This app also has a paid version, which gets rid of ad banners displayed on top of your timeline in the free version. Also, the paid version allows you to link up to 7 Twitter accounts instead of just 3.

Check out Janetter and see if it has all the bells and whistles that you’re looking for in a Twitter client app for Android. Let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment.