Sony’s Xperia T, better known as the James Bond phone after a pretty well-crafted advertising campaign, will land in Canada on November 14, according to a leak. Bell is the carrier “confirmed” to start selling the beautiful 4.5-incher two weeks from now, although the phone should probably star on other networks around that time too.

The only official piece of news we’ve heard on the T’s Canadian release mentioned just a vague November ETA and no pricing, but courtesy of this leak and one from last week the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place.

Aside from Bell, Rogers, Videotron, Mobilicity and MTS are expected to offer their customers the chance to feel like secret service agents, which means that Telus is the only major player missing on the fun. As for pricing, we know that the handheld will cost $549.99 outright, but we have no idea how much carriers will charge with three-year contracts.

If US pricing on AT&T is to be taken as an indicator, $99.99 seems to be the safest bet right now, although Canadians should not be terribly surprised if they see that upped or maybe even doubled. That’s unlikely, but just in case, be prepared.

The Sony Xperia T will come “preloaded with exclusive Bond content including behind the scenes footage, interviews, video clips, wallpapers, ring tones, and more”. However, if you’re not that into the film franchise, you still have a couple of things to wait for, starting with a 4.55-inch 1280 x 720 pix res display, a dual-core Krait CPU, and a 13 MP camera.

So, how do you take your high-end phones in Canada, guys, shaken or stirred?