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Jabra Solemate on sale for $160 at Best Buy for the entire month of December

The Jabra Solemate was made to compete with such high end Bluetooth speakers as the Bose Soundlink and the Jawbone Jambox. Now, for the month of December, Jabra is letting them go for $160 at Best Buy.
December 10, 2012
jabra solemate

Bluetooth speakers have become more and more of a popular solution when it comes to listening to music on smartphones. Many offer pretty decent sound quality, portability, and are easy to use. One of the more higher end offerings, the Jabra Solemate, can be had on Best Buy for $160 for the month of December.

There are a lot of uses for such a device. According to their official website, the Jabra Solemate can be used for anything from listening to music to watching movies. Pretty much anywhere where you want more sound out of your smartphone media content and headphones just won’t do.

However, as Phandroid mentions, $200 is a tad steep for Bluetooth speakers. They don’t even make you breakfast. Of course, even at $200 it still undercuts the prices for the Bose Soundlink and Jawbone Jambox. However, Jabra and Best Buy lowering the price to $160 actually makes it a pretty sweet deal.

Is the Jabra Solemate worth $160?

If you’re into Bluetooth speakers and want a high end one, then yes. It delivers good sound at a good volume. As with most speakers, the bass will get muddy when you turn up the volume. You won’t be able to use this at large gatherings to get people dancing. However, if you’re looking for a nice Bluetooth speaker for your living room or bed room, then yes it’s a pretty good deal.

The deal itself is only available at Best Buy. So if you’re picking up the Jabra Solemate, you’ll have to go through them. At the time of this writing, the Best Buy webpage isn’t showing the discount. Whether that’s accidental and temporary remains to be seen. Do consider that you may have to go to a brick and mortar store to get the discount if they don’t fix their webpage.

So is $160 a big enough discount to make the Jabra Solemate worth it? Let us know your thoughts.