After much fanfare surrounding the new mobile payment system being put forward by carriers, ISIS is encountering delays anew. A venture launched by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, the service aims to reduce consumer dependency on plastic credit cards and instead pay through NFC-enabled smartphones.

While the group had targeted a launch by September 21, the consortium has again decided to delay release of ISIS. According to ISIS head of marketing Jaymee Johnson, the group is still ironing out details of the system. “We are wrapping things up and finishing that final punch list of items,” Johnson said, adding that the consortium’s members are still actively pursuing the payment system.

According to the marketing executive, ISIS will have hundreds of merchant partners by launch, and the group expects this to grow into the thousands as it expands beyond launch cities by 2013.

It may be noted that Android smartphone manufacturers, such as Sony, Samsung and the like, have released handsets that support near-field communications. However, while consumers and analysts had eagerly expected Apple to support NFC in its latest-generation iPhone, Apple decided to exclude the protocol in the iPhone 5. Analysts have actually put their hopes on an NFC inclusion in the iPhone 5, which would have broadened the audience base of the ISIS payment system.

Does ISIS have chance at gaining traction even with the lack of support from Apple and the iPhone? Will support from Android devices be enough to popularize this mobile payment initiative?