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ISeeYou: App for preventing screen timeout when running certain apps

July 3, 2012

One of the not-so-nice things about the built-in power conservation functions in older phones is that it automatically turns off the screen when it thinks it is not in use. Imagine that you’re reading an article, letting your eyes travel across sentences when suddenly, your phone’s backlight turns off. You’ll need to tap the screen again to turn it on, which can lead to you losing your concentration and becoming irritated.

Now imagine that you’re watching a movie. Tapping the screen can sometimes lead you, accidentally, to other pages and that means you’re back to zero if you’re watching a movie or a video. Although phones nowadays are at their peak when it comes to technology, the pesky idle screen timing out problem of older phones hadn’t been solved until ISeeYou.

The ISeeYou app is a smart program that keeps the screen on when you are looking at your phone. ISeeYou can be best used when you have a front-facing camera to recognize your face.

The app is perfect for busy people who don’t want to keep tapping their device’s screen just to make sure it doesn’t time out. Not only does this save you a headache, it also saves you time that you could use reading or watching your video.

If your hands are full, simply glance at your phone and the ISeeYou app will detect your face, thereby keeping your screen from timing out. There’s no need to be envious of the Samsung Galaxy S3’s Smart Stay feature because you can enjoy the same function with ISeeYou.

Another handy feature of the app is the Blind List, an exception list of some sort through which you can specify which apps the ISeeYou service will be “blind” to.  When an app on the Blind List runs, ISeeYou will not perform anything.

Developed by Marco Roccagli, the app will make sure that your movie viewing and e-book reading will not be riddled with interruptions. The app works best on phones that run Android 2.3 or higher. With the ISeeYou Android app, you won’t be irritated with your screen timing out again. You can now read articles, watch movies and videos without having to tap your screen frequently just to keep the display on.

The lite version of ISeeYou lets you enjoy just the basics, such as starting/stopping the service and creating a Blind List.  For more features, you can get the pro version of ISeeYou, which allows you to change several standard settings such as polling rate, maximum scan time, the time before the display times out, and a few more. The pro version costs 99 cents only. Download ISeeYou Android app now, and enjoy the great features of your phone without the interruption of your screen timing out.