Just when we thought we had all the bugs worked out, including that nasty volume button bug. Here comes a report of the Galaxy Nexus randomly rebooting. The Galaxy Nexus has been out for about two months, unless you’re on Verizon then it’s only been a month, and users have been reporting random reboots of their Galaxy Nexus. It seems as if the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus seems to be affected the most by this bug. It also seems as if it doesn’t matter what your doing when it reboots, because it has been reported to reboot randomly when you check your email, check Facebook, or even when it is just sitting there doing nothing at all. But it seems that the Galaxy Nexus is not rebooting randomly as much as other devices like the Droid X.

Google is aware of the plight of its users and is currently working out a fix, though when it will be delivered is still unknown. We are guessing the update to Android 4.0.3 will bring about corrections to many of the early problems uncovered by new Galaxy Nexus users. Anyone experiencing reboots at all the wrong times? Let us know in the comments.