Last week at CES, ASUS announced that the ICS upgrade for the Transformer Prime was live, some units were having trouble pulling the update from ASUS’s servers. It seems now some devices are having trouble with reboots after the update. Similar to the Galaxy Nexus problem we reported yesterday, the Transformer Prime seems to be randomly rebooting itself. Looks like there’s a mixed bag of users who are experiencing this problem making it difficult to actually pinpoint the problem, so ASUS can fix the problem.

Some users have reported being able to successfully exchange the unit with ASUS or their retailer of choice, but where this sounds like a software problem, exchanging may not fix the problem. Anyways be sure to visit the huge thread that XDA has on their forums about this issue, if you’re experiencing reboots make sure you are as descriptive as possible when posting about when the reboots happen. It’ll make it a bit easier to find out why this is happening.

Hit up the comments below and let us know if you’re experiencing these random reboots.