The Transformer Prime was launched about 6 weeks ago, and a couple of weeks after that we already found out about the Transformer Prime TF700, which is pretty much the same but with a 1920×1200 display instead, and $100 more expensive. And now we also get this leak about another Transformer Prime device, called TF300. So what’s going on here? Is this another slightly upgraded Transformer, or a next-gen one? And what is Asus thinking anyway?

First of all, I do think Asus is starting to use the same strategy that plagues many phone manufacturers today by releasing a new model every other month, but the truth is Asus is not new at this. As a PC manufacturer, they are used to doing this, just like all the other PC manufacturers. They are doing the same with the Zenbooks, and they also did the same with the netbooks.

Part of their strategy, just like most others, is to release many models in the hope that the novelty of each device will boost sales (I’ve talked about many times how it’s a mistake in the long term), but another part of it is that they are doing this to test the market and see what type of model really works, and then stick with it.

They did this with netbooks, too. When they started with them, they first made them with 7″ screens and with Linux, then with 9″ screens, then 10″ and 12″ and with Windows, and finally realized that the most successful model was the one with Windows and a 10″ screen. They are doing the same in the tablet market, first with the hybrid Transformer, then with another type of hybrid, the tablet with the sliding keyboard, the Padfone, and will soon offer a 7″ tablet, too. What I’m hoping for is that they will also offer a 11.6″ Transformer with a 1920×1200 (or even 2560×1600) resolution, with a larger keyboard, and with a dual core Cortex A15 processor.

I’m thinking this could be a real next-gen Transformer, because I don’t think the TF300 is a next-gen device. It looks more like it is just a slightly upgraded version of the Transformer Prime TF201, and the name suggests that as well. Hopefully, this time they actually check these devices before putting them on the market, because it didn’t look like they did that before they released the Transformer Prime, with all its GPS issues.