motostorebrowserThe guys over at Android and Me uncovered a new online Android application store being developed by Motorola. Called SHOP4APPS, the new store will be web-based so you can access it using the mobile browser on your handset or the full browser on your desktop. Motorola is also reportedly developing a dedicated Android client, MotoAppStore, which will provide a user friendly front end to the online application store. This Motorola marketplace will supposedly incorporate several useful features including a “MyLocker” section that stores and indexes all previous purchases, the ability to easily re-download and transfer applications to a new handset, auto-notification alerts when a purchased application has been updated, the ability to purchase content on the desktop and install it on your phone, and more. No word on when this app store is slated for its grand opening but sometime in the first half of 2010 would be a safe prediction. For those that want a close-up of the store in action, a larger screen capture of the online storefront is after the break.