Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 5, is said to have over 200 new features. Apple has noted a few of the main features on their website and more than a few resemble Android. In other words, Apple has copied some features from Android devices to catch up to the competition, especially after Apple has recently fallen behind in mobile OS market share standings. The top five copied features are as follows:

Notification Center

Otherwise known as the Notification Bar, this iconic Android feature has been the centerpiece of the operating system since 2008. With a little name change, Apple offers the same idea with a new user interface and 2 widgets.

Twitter and iOS 5

Apple announced that iOS 5 will be Twitterific. With the new operating system, users get Twitter all over their phone. Even since Android 2.0, developers have had the ability to add their apps to the sharing menu and integrate themselves into Android’s social sharing abilities.


Without a doubt, without any question, Android is the Father of Widgets on mobile devices. As noted before, iOS 5 will sport the ability to have 2 widgets. A location-oriented weather widget and a basic stock widget can be placed within the notification bar.

Over-the-Air Updates and Wireless Sync

Android users enjoy the ability to use third-party apps to wirelessly sync music, movies, data, and more. In addition, Android updates have been coming over-the-air (OTA) for years and years. Most Android users would say that they never plug their phone into a computer because there is no need to do so, except for massive music and movie transfers, but it’s still easy to stream. However, until iOS 5 is released, plugging in your iOS device may be a daily activity.

The Cloud

For over a decade now, information in Google Apps have been stored in the cloud and can be accessed from virtually anywhere free of charge. Although iCloud may be boasting of the same features, what some users fail to recognize is the hidden cost behind iCloud. If you plan on storing over 5 GB of data, Apple plans on hitting you with a yearly fee of somewhere between US$20 and US$100.

With Ice Cream Sandwich coming in a few weeks, you might want to think about just how new those 200+ features are. Not to mention what’s to come in Ice Cream Sandwich. I’m sure you’re in for a sweet surprise.

In all fairness and honesty, it’s important that we remember that companies borrow from others to improve one another’s ideas. However, when companies “borrow” from Apple, they get sued.

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