Details are still scarce as of this moment, but reportedly, Google is coming out with a new music store. Additionally, it will be linked to Google’s Music Beta -which really isn’t so “beta” anymore – and should be launched within a few weeks. This will serve as a competitor to Apple’s iTunes, and also offer Android users better music integration. Google is still working out the details with record labels and publishers, and we’re all excited to see how it turns out. We’re probably going to see both desktop and Android optimized interfaces, and songs for $0.99, much like iTunes. It will also reportedly be integrated with Google+, Google’s social website and app. More specifically, users will have the ability to share their music with their contacts, and contacts will be able to listen to the music for free. This is also like Apple’s “Ping”. Wait, what is Ping? A total failure. Most likely, Google is looking at Spotify, which is gaining serious momentum on Facebook. They know that in order to stay relevant, they have to offer a similar service that enables people to discover music in a social way.

However, it does seem that two major music labels, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, will not agree to release songs for Google’s new store. This could be because they feel that Google already profits enough off alleged copyright infringement of their content already on YouTube, but it’s still just conjecture at this point. This will inevitably frustrate users who are willing to purchase from these two labels. But,  should Google Music be free, and with good social integration and a pleasing and easy to use interface and, we expect it to be a success.

How about you? Are you excited for Google’s upcoming Music store? How do you get tunes these days?