MeeGo. Sigh MeeGo…

I once erroneously believed that MeeGo had a fighting chance against the giants. After the unexpected turn of events, I no longer believe this.

When Nokia decided to take up MeeGo in the N9, there was still a glimmer of hope for this dying OS. However, when the N9 was finally released, almost everyone said that Nokia was the one who hammered the nail that sealed MeeGo’s coffin.

ASUS and the MeeGo Eee PC has never been a secret. ASUS even made it clear that they were determined to support MeeGo on their PCs and drive its success. Will this mean that MeeGo will start appearing on ASUS phones too?

Honestly, ASUS didn’t do really well with the Garmin-ASUS naviphone. Their proof, (however) is in their tablets. They haven’t arrived to a point where they can be seriously taken as a smartphone competitor.

Hence, I would be very sceptical on the success of the Padfone. It just seems too big a hurdle for ASUS to overcome at the moment, and I’m sure I’m not the only one sceptical about ASUS’ upcoming smartphone performance.

Yes, the ASUS Padfone is clearly innovative beyond imagination, but it feels like apart from their transformer, gambling the future success of their smartphone category on one product feels absolutely dangerous.

This makes the MeeGo-ASUS phone an even more plausible direction for ASUS in 2012.

Will there ever be a MeeGo ASUS phone? We don’t know. We hope MeeGo doesn’t just die in the hands of Nokia. That would be a terrible Symbian-like death.